We are getting a closer look at the KKW Beauty “Flashing Lights” campaign. The campaign was shot by David LaChapelle who has done vivid imagery in the past for artists like Travis Scott’s album cover for ASTROWORLD.


‘Inception of Desire’ for Everyday Objects
by Claire Lee

Everyday Objects never looked so good! New York-based Korean artist Claire ‘Sunho’ Lee shot with talent such simple object and backgrounds but made them stands out, just with a different point of view… “The poetics of an everyday epiphany comes at a certain moment of the day, at a certain angle. It is then that the light and shadows cast by the man-made objects make an effort to fulfill an inner craving for ethereal beauty in vain.”

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Flowers, Photography and Magical Realism
by Doan Ly

Floral arrangements come to life and inspire design at a.p. bio’s studio in New York City. Founded by Doan Lya.p. bio combines the entire art of floral design and visual storytelling under one creative atelier. Ly tells me, “It was floral design that gave me a camera, the tool, to tell that story.”

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Photo credit: Doan Ly